Individual Sponsorships

Through our network of authorised representatives and educational establishments with whom we have undertaken project work, we accept applications for specific individuals who would benefit greatly from continuing in school but have no financial means to do so. All applications from this network are weighed up on merit before being put forward for sponsorship, taking into account the vulnerability of the student as well as their dedication to taking advantage of the opportunity.

As with our project work, LfL is committed to sound accounting of any funds channelled toward helping specific students. We do this via approved representatives in Uganda who can vouch for the funds being spent on school fees, uniform, necessary equipment (such as books) and basic health care.

We do insist on sponsors committing to a complete years schooling for a student to ensure we can offer some dependability to the student. We hope that sponsors will see the benefits such that they may continue for multiple years and to that end, do encourage a communication to commence between the student and the sponsor. This gives the student a greater appreciation of their sponsor and can be very beneficial to the sponsors too, especially where they are keen that perhaps younger family members appreciate the inherent privileges they have just by being born in the developed world.

If you would like to hear more about students who would benefit greatly from direct sponsorship please get in touch.

Costs that sponsorship needs to cover

The cost and degree of sponsorship may vary by the individual; however, it is usually necessary for this to cover both direct and indirect costs of education as well as basic living costs as more often than not the student is unable to live at home or with relatives.

Direct costs of education will include:

  • School fees
  • Other costs which are a requirement of the school in order to attend.

Indirect costs of education are likely to include:

  • Books, writing material (if not provided by the school)
  • School uniform

Basic living costs are likely to include:

  • Accommodation (often provided by the school)
  • Bedding (including mosquito nets)
  • Clothing
  • Food
  • Transport (where necessary)
  • Basic Health Care