North Aberdeen Dance Academy - Dance Performance

Lessons for Life recently received their first major boost with a donation of over £2000. The money was raised by Kerrie Bruce, Hilary Caldwell and Jennifer Cobban who produced a dance show titled ‘Moves n Motion’ that took place in Inverurie, Scotland. A staggering 363 performers from the age of 3 to 18 took part over the course of three evening shows with displays in Ballet, Tap, Modern, Jazz and Hip Hop. The majority of the performers were students from the North Aberdeenshire Dance Academy and this year they were accompanied by students from the Inverurie Dance Academy.

The dance event is arranged every other year for the purpose of raising funds for charitable causes. This year, they kindly offered to contribute to Lessons for Life. The event was very successful through the hard work put in by Kerrie, Hilary and Jennifer and the entertaining performances given by the students. With an audience of over 500 each night they were able to make a sizeable donation from the proceeds to Lessons for Life. The rest of the proceeds are being donated to local charities..

Mark, on behalf of Lessons for Life, was on hand to thank the organisers and the performers for their hard work. Here is a brief comment from Mark:

“It's very touching to know that the organisers and students of these dance schools in Northern Scotland would choose to help students in developing nations overseas. In conversation with a few of the attendees, they were particularly interested to know how the money would get to the cause and it was great to be able to stress our commitment to solid accounting for the funds spent.”

Lessons of Life would like to thank Kerrie, Hilary and Jennifer and their students. We would also like to extend our thanks to all the people who assisted and the people who attended in making it a great success.